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Pánske tričko zo 100% organic bavlny 


Extrémne odolné tričko vyrobené z vysoko kvalitnej, česanej organickej bavlny (certifikát BSCI). 

Filozofiou výrobcu tejto značky zo Stuttgartu je vysoký štandard kvality, nadčasový design a trvácnosť výrobkov. Je držiteľom certifikátov a označenia *Trade fair. 


Odporúčame prať a sušiť obrátené na rub do 60 stupňov. Vhodné do sušičky.

Materiál: 100 % Organic Cotton, 160 g/m2


Farba trička:
  • Delivery date:

    We can usually ship your package within 5 days. We have a wide range of textiles and prints. We always produce for you  tailored to what you ordered.  Therefore, if we do not have the goods in stock, please be patient. 

  • * Trade Fair

    The supplier of this product stands for the values he prefers. You can smell it in every single product you make  quality  a long-term product that you can wear for several years, a material that does not harm the environment, the people who produce it and  absolute  honesty and transparency at every level. 

    What we also like is that the producer is actively involved in social policy in the country of textile production.

  • Size chart:

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